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Invisible Aligners

Invisalign for Straighter Teeth Without Bands and Brackets

inman aligners Rivervale Want to get straighter teeth without having to wear traditional bands and brackets? Invisalign® may be right for you. With the use of nearly invisible plastic aligners to straighten your teeth, Invisalign® allows you to perfect your smile without traditional braces.

A Painless Way to a Perfect Smile

If you’ve always wanted to have a better smile but were nervous about getting braces, you’ll be happy to know that Invisalign® is pain-free. You’ll just get a slight feeling of tightness every time aligners are changed but it’s very simple. We will take impressions of your teeth and give you six weeks’ worth of aligners each time. The length of time you will need to wear the aligners can range from six months to two and a half years. This time will depend on how much tooth movement you require.

Does insurance cover Invisalign?

Most insurance partially covers Invisalign®. You will need to refer to your specific policy for the exact amount of coverage.

Inman Aligners – Straighten Your Smile

If crooked teeth leave you feeling self-conscious, we are delighted to let you know about the Inman Aligner. This cost-effective removable orthodontic appliance moves teeth in a fraction of the time of other systems!

Gentle Pressure for Effective Results

So, how does it work? The Inman Aligner straightens crowded or protruding anterior teeth with two opposing spring-loaded aligner bars. This appliance provides gentle but continuous pressure on the teeth, easing them back into place quickly. Surprisingly, this light pressure is the quickest way to move teeth, but it also makes treatment safe and kind to teeth. Only certified Inman Aligner dentists can provide the appliance. Dr Justina Teo here at Dentists@Burswood has achieved this certification.

Benefits of Inman Aligners

Safe, gentle and discreet
Only one appliance is usually needed
Fast treatment time of 6-18 weeks
Removable for your convenience

The Process

  1. Inman Aligner Consultation
  2. Impressions so the lab can design the aligners
  3. An initial fitting of the aligner
  4. Wear the aligner for 16-20 hours a day
  5. Come into our office every 2-3 weeks for checks

Once your treatment is completed with the Inman Aligner, retention is essential to avoid relapse. A lingually bonded retainer or an Essix retainer are two options that we can use. Experience the confidence that comes with a straighter smile. Contact us today for a free consultation to determine if the Inman Aligner is ideal for you!

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