Teeth Whitening

Options for a Smile That Gleams

We all know that first impressions count. A gleaming smile can help you make a great first impression! A bright smile also shows the world that you’re confident and in command.

At your consultation with one of our dentists for teeth whitening, he or she will firstly ensure your teeth and oral hygiene are suitable to apply teeth whitening products by performing a thorough dental examination. The dentist will scale, clean, polish and floss your teeth as you do not want

to be bleaching tartar (calculus) built up on them. The dentist also will take impressions of your teeth so custom-made plastic trays can be used for home bleaching or as after care and top up whitening from in-chair teeth bleaching.

Rarely are there any concerns after our treatments. If you do, however, have any questions or concerns, please give our office a call. We are open six days a week. Also, some health insurance funds allow rebates for teeth whitening so please check with yours after receiving a treatment plan from our friendly dentists.

Home Whitening — Self Applied

Your custom-made bleaching trays will be ready in one week for you to collect, and your teeth whitening product should be kept in the fridge or at least under 25 degrees. Fitted trays are not to be overfilled with product as to protect your gums and the dentist will go through this procedure with you when you have your teeth cleaned.

There are many options on how you should whiten teeth depending on the strength of the bleaching solution and your lifestyle recommended by the dentist. Patients may be able to wear them all night whilst sleeping with a low concentration solution or may be recommended to use 15 minutes twice a day or 30 minutes once a day for stronger solutions. The process is usually recommended for two weeks and is best done when in a relaxed seated place.

This at-home teeth whitening method usually produces results ranging from 2-6 shades whiter depending on time worn, solution strength and sensitivity.

In-Chair Zoom Whitening — Dentist Applied

Zoom teeth whitening uses a stronger bleaching solution
and activates with a specially designed dental light source.
One week after your scale and clean treatment we seat
you in the dental chair, relaxed and ready for the dentist to
explain the 60-90 minute procedure. A dental nurse can
set up a movie or DVD on the overhead television for you
to watch or you may choose to relax by closing your eyes
and listening to music. At each controlled 15-minute
interval the dentist will check your whitening progress and

can stop at any time should you need a break or to stretch your legs.After your session is completed the dentist will present you with an after-care take home package containing essential items. Included are your customised plastic bleaching trays, an at-home teeth bleaching kit, soothing gel should you need it and an after-care fact sheet as discussed with the dentist.A one hour Zoom teeth whitening treatment usually achieves excellent results ranging from 7-10 shades whiter. As this method is super quick, some patients can become sensitive for a day or two afterward and the results with continued care and maintenance will last over a year.At Dentists@Burswood, we offer our patients teeth whitening products either in a take-home application or an in-chair one hour service. We adhere to strict procedures in protecting your gums, teeth and eyes as concentrations levels of agents vary for each case and are vastly different to supermarket or beauty shop common products.

Professionally Trained Experts

Our dentists are professionally qualified and trained to apply teeth whitening products, and to identify any issues and quickly treat any dental reaction. Insist on qualified experts to look after your teeth whitening and oral hygiene and take the chance out of not achieving the results you want.

For a smile that sparkles, contact us and find out more about our teeth whitening services.

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