HCF More for Teeth

At Dentists@Burswood, we are proud to be an HCF More for Teeth Dentist. If you are an HCF health fund participant, you are entitled to receive the maximum health fund coverage for numerous preventive dental services.

  • Comprehensive Oral Examination (Limit of 2 per person per year)
  • Intra oral Periapical or Bitewing Radiographs (No annual limit)
  • Panoramic Radiograph (Limit of 3 in any 5 year period) Removal of Calculus (Scale and Clean) (Limit of 2 per person per year)
  • Provision of Mouthguard – indirect (Limit of 2 per person per year)

You also may choose to take advantage of other dental services from HCF’ dental policies such as Veeners, Root Canals and Crowns & Bridges. To access these benefits, present your HCF health fund card which can be quickly processed on our HICAPS machine after your appointment. Contact us today to book an appointment! Early and late appointments are available seven days a week.

HCF Preferred Provider – Rivervale