Pain-Free and Gentle Dentistry

You may think visiting the dentist is both a costly and painful experience. Not at Dentists@Burswood.

Will it Hurt?

At Dentists@Burswood, we have four highly trained dentists who pride themselves on providing pain-free treatment. Modern advances in dentistry make it possible to visit the dentist without any concern or apprehension. From pain-free injections to sleep dentistry, where all your work is completed whilst you are asleep, you know that your next visit to the dentist need not be a traumatic experience.

Nothing Hurts … I Don’t Need a Dentist!

Dentists are more than just “tooth doctors”; they are “whole mouth doctors.” Whilst we all hate to think about cancer, the reality is it exists, and your lips and oral tissues are highly susceptible to developing this and other diseases.

The difficulty remains that by the time problems like this hurt they are usually advanced and generally require more intensive treatment regimes. Our dentists are
highly trained to identify these problems early and thus give you the best chance for treatment.

At Dentists@Burswood, all of our dentists provide a thorough examination of the oral tissues and recommend these checks are performed every 6 to 12 months. So if you haven’t seen a dentist recently, please contact us to make a booking.

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